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Published marzo 3, 2020

Too Many Xmas Presents Can Cause Gambling Issues, Claims Study

Too Man<span id="more-2051"></span>y Xmas Presents Can Cause Gambling Issues, Claims Study

Warning: Christmas gift suggestions, like these ones, should be avoided in excess: they could turn your young ones into horrific adults. (Image: telegraph.co.uk)

Excessive xmas gifts can turn children into dysfunctional grownups whom are prone to gambling and relationship problems, claims a tough-love that is new study from the University of Missouri as well as the University of Illinois.

The research, which thankfully arrived at the optimal time because we were simply planning to go and do our Christmas shopping, warns parents that buying their children everything they need can cause them dilemmas in later life.

It’s also saved us an absolute fortune!

While the news that spoilt kids make lousy adults may not be completely earth-shattering to our readers, this the very first time that a scientific research has recommended a hyperlink between overindulged children and gambling problems.

But according to Professor Marsha Richins at the University of Missouri, whom led the study, showering kids with high-end presents as an element of a parenting strategy will spawn materialistic adults, and this is bad.

Such adults tend to believe that success in life is defined by the amount and quality of their material possessions and that only the purchase of more will make them feel happy, attractive, or fulfilled.

Adults whom define by themselves or others by their possessions are at a greater threat of gambling problems, marital breakup, debt and generally reduced well-being.

Materialistic Adults

The research surveyed more than 700 grownups and asked participants to report for a wide variety of childhood experiences involving their and the benefits and punishments they received.

‘Our research suggests that kiddies who receive many material rewards from their parents will continue rewarding themselves likely with material goods when they’re grown, well into adulthood, and this could be problematic,’ explained Richens. ‘Our research highlights the value of examining childhood circumstances and parenting practices to comprehend consumer actions of adults.

‘Loving parents tend to deliver material rewards to their children,’ Richins said. ‘One explanation for the web link between material rewards and later on materialism is that children who receive these benefits are more likely than others to use possessions to define and enhance themselves, an element that is essential of.’

Christmas time is Canceled

Doting mothers and fathers should take notice that, based on the research, the following three parental techniques are most likely to turn their children into potentially obnoxious adults: rewarding children with gifts when they have accomplished one thing, such as for instance making the soccer team or getting directly A’s; giving gift ideas in an effort to show affection; punishing children by firmly taking away their possessions, like a favorite toy or gaming.

As Lan Chaplin, associate teacher of marketing at the University of Illinois, whom also contributed to the research, explained: ‘It’s OK to need it things for your kids, but make every effort to encourage them to be grateful for all your people and things they have in their life,’ Chaplin said. ‘Each time children express their gratitude, they become more aware of exactly how lucky these are typically, which paves the way to allow them to be more good and less materialistic.’

OK, well, we’re going to skip the whole xmas present thing completely this present year, in order to be in the safe side. That we are too caring if we have one flaw it’s.

Trump Taj Mahal Will Stay Open Into 2015

A $20 million loan from Carl Icahn will keep the Trump Taj Mahal in operation while an agreement that is long-term negotiated. (Image: Huffington Post)

The Trump Taj Mahal has seen two scheduled closing times come and go, but the lights are still on at the Atlantic City that is embattled casino.

And now, thanks to a new infusion of cash, it looks like the resort will remain open for at the least a tiny bit much longer.

Trump Entertainment Resorts lawyers said this week that investor Carl Icahn has loaned the business $20 million, an quantity which should enable the casino to stay open for some time while bankruptcy procedures continue to play away in court.

That will give all sides involved an opportunity to work out funds that would keep consitently the casino open at the end of those talks, rather than see the Taj Mahal turn off or liquidated.

Loan Will Be Considered at January Hearing

Trump Entertainment attorney Erez Gilad told US Bankruptcy Judge Kevin Gross that the mortgage, which was decided the other day, had enabled the company to demand that the closing date for the casino be pushed right back indefinitely.

The Taj Mahal is guaranteed to stay open until at least that court date while that request won’t be considered until a court hearing in January.

The loan won’t be enough to keep carefully the casino open forever: Judge Gross even pointed out that it probably would not be enough to keep carefully the casino running for a year that is full.

But, it should provide a window for continuing negotiations between Trump Entertainment, the employees regarding the Unite Here Local 54 casino union, city and state officials, and Icahn.

The interplay that is complex every one of these parties has made the bankruptcy proceedings difficult to navigate, even since it seems at times as though progress has been made.

In recent months, state lawmakers had been working ladbrokes casino 10 free spins towards passage of the package of bills that would provide tax cost and relief certainty to Atlantic City’s casinos.

The union representing the Taj Mahal’s workers had been in negotiations with Trump Entertainment over the future of their benefit plans at the same time.

The workers had appealed a bankruptcy court decision that could have permitted the company to break the union to their contract, while Trump Entertainment stated they were willing to agree to restore some benefits if the union would drop their appeal.

Near Agreement Evidently Blocked by Icahn

In the week that is last it showed up as if the union and Trump Entertainment had arrive at a contract that both sides could agree to. But union officials said late last week that Icahn scuttled the deal.

‘We and everybody else thought we could begin moving Atlantic City forward, however it is unfortunate that one person could put the brakes on all that,’ said Local 54 president Bob McDevitt.

Lawmakers then reacted by postponing votes on the tax aid bills, citing having less agreement between the ongoing parties in the Taj Mahal dispute.

‘Icahn has to come to the table and make a deal,’ said Assemblyman Vince Mazzeo (D-Atlantic County).

Meanwhile, Icahn characterized his $20 million loan as being a good faith gesture towards a later contract, even if one wasn’t reached right now.

‘Even that it would be a better financial decision for me to let the Taj close and wait to see whether a global settlement can be reached,’ Icahn wrote in a letter to Trump Entertainment CEO Robert Griffin though I believe that Atlantic City will be great again someday, many people would still argue. ‘But I can not be therefore callous as to let 3,000 hardworking people lose their jobs while a settlement that is global the state and union, which would enable us to turn the Taj around, as we’ve done with so many other ailing businesses, stays a possibility.’

Southern Tier Officials Call on Nyc To Award casino License that is 4th

Southern Tier officials are upset that local proposals such as for example the one at Tioga Downs were passed over in ny’s casino recommendations. (Image: WENY News)

The ny casino certification battles remains hot even after last week’s announcement by the Gaming Facility Location Board that only three upstate casinos will be suggested.

Officials in New York’s Southern Tier are requesting that the state reconsider allowing a casino in the area, while an indigenous American tribe’s announcement of the new facility threatens to further complicate the local market.

The Southern Tier, an integral part of New York declare that borders northern Pennsylvania, was combined with the Finger Lakes in to a single licensing region for the purposes of the latest York’s casino expansion.

Local officials had hoped this one of two proposals in the Southern Tier would be opted for, but the recommendation for a guaranteed license for the region instead went to Lago Resort & Casino in Tyre, a Finger Lakes location.

State Just Suggested Three of Four Possible Casinos

The state board also suggested one casino within the Catskills, and another in Schenectady, near Albany. They did not, however, recommend that a fourth license be awarded, regardless of the undeniable fact that the state’s laws permitted for one region to receive a casino that is second.

While most observers expected a fourth casino would went towards the Hudson Valley-Catskills region, that has been seen because the many lucrative, Southern Tier officials are now lobbying them a casino instead for it to be used to give.

‘ We need a chance,’ said State Senator Thomas Libous (R-Binghamton). ‘We need the jobs. This area of the state is harming for a while, and there is a license that is fourth most of us know is available. Once again, we’m seeking that 4th permit to be granted in the true Southern Tier region.’

Lawmakers Interest Governor

Other officials have also expected Governor Andrew Cuomo to choose a fourth casino in Tioga County, including US Representative Tom Reed (R-New York) and Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo (D-Endwell). But the state board said that they had been quite clear within their recommendations.

‘ We reached a unanimous consensus that these three selections that we made have the shot that is best for success,’ said Gaming Facility Location Board Chairman Kevin Law. ‘There really should not be a fourth.’

The owner of Tioga Downs who had hoped to expand the racetrack into a fully-fledged casino, that explanation simply isn’t enough for Jeff Gural.

‘we think it is clear that no one understands why the tier that is southern that has been promised a permit, did not obtain a permit,’ Gural said.

Governor Cuomo has pledged to provide the Southern Tier the sort of special attention that is economic their second term which he gave Buffalo in their first term as governor.

Locals feel as if the region has been largely shunned within the week that is past both because of the casino decision and a fracking ban established last Wednesday.

Oneida Nation Announces New Casino Project

Meanwhile, the Oneida Indian Nation has announced that they want to open a $20 million Oz-themed casino in Chittenango in 2015, just 14 miles east of Syracuse. The statement of the small facility came simply four times after the state board made their commercial casino recommendations, while the brand new casino will be only about 60 miles away from the resort that is tyre. However, Oneida officials say that their plans were in the works well before that statement.

‘It’s the way the timing worked out,’ Oneida spokesman Joel Barkin told Capital New York.